Vend Commodes - Penderies Traditionnel Feuillus Européens Hêtre

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Type Commodes - Penderies
Nom du produit Comoda Berline
Origine Roumanie
Style Traditionnel
Type de matériaux principal Feuillus européens
Matériaux principal Hêtre


Volume 1 pièces Ponctuellement
Description The classic design of Berline furniture brings a stylish, luxurious air of your bedroom. Drawer handles are aramed in color and have beautiful ornate details that perfectly complement the impressive appearance and rich finish of the finish. The cornice and Berline bedroom legs are made of solid beech and the rest of the elements: the fronts, the sides, the upper and lower plates are made of veneered chipboard and MDF. The finish is antique patinated oak. Find more details on - Translated with google

Prix et Conditions

Prix 153 EUR par pièces
Vend en: Roumanie


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