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Catégorie type Ligne de Production Complète
Catégorie Circular automat de retaiere si Circular automat de tivire
Marque Stingl


Etat du bien Occasion
Année de fabrication 1998
Volume 1
Description 1. Stingl automatic circular saw blade: - Cutting height 240mm - Cutting width 740mm (passing 900mm or more) - Main motors 2 x 110 kw - Power carpet with positioning and automatic centering - Advance automatic - 4 cutting-off groups with hydraulic drive, variable (axle in axle) - longitudinal discharge and lateral transfer - automatic cutting at the desired length, integrated in the machine, just before the evacuation - waste separator - complete, modern electric panel 2. Stingl automatic cutting circle: - cutting height 100mm - cutting width 700mm - motor 75kw - automatic feed with singularization, automatic centering, feed rate 230m / min - waste separator outlet and separate main part - automatic sorting (mechanical) on 8-12 lengths - complete electric panel, modern Both circulars are fully automatic and can operate without operator, or one for both! The machines are in Germany, unmasked, in excellent working condition. The mechanics of both circulars is still Stingl !!!! Cars can also be sold separately. - Translated with google

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